Movement Analytic Process Support

  • For Adults and Adolescents

After an inicial consultation a preliminary treatment plan will be arranged.

The movementanalytic individual setting consists of non- verbal and verbal time units. Non-verbal experiences - motor activity and emotions -  will be made aware in an uncovering conversation and so restrained movement and action impulses can be detected and integrated in a following, new movement experience.

  • For Children

Children love to run, to jump, to drop, to hop, to roll on the ground, to touch, to play...they love to let their imagination run wild.

During the movementanalytic process support with children the spontaneous relationship between us is promoted by games ( such as roleplaying). Motoric and emotional blockades are dissolved and new and different possibilities of movements and interactions in relationship may be experienced and spontaneously be lived and integrated in a new intersubjective context.

After an introductory interview with the parents and the child, a treatment plan will be combined. Depending on the needs meetings with the parents can be arranged in regular intervals.