Advanced Training Seminars


The training seminars are for professional who are interested in experiencing

the relationship between movement, body and psyches and who want to use this experience as a secondary ressource in their fields of profession.

Psychologists, psychotherapists, phisioterapists, physicians, attendants for handicaped people and seniors, therapeutic pedagoges, midwives, movement and dance therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, teachers, socialworkers, kindergarden teachers and others, can be familiarized in a short time with a non-verbal access to their clients, by understanding the different forms of interactions and movements and their psychic connection through their own experiences and learn to name the emerging motoric alternatives in an uncovering conversation.


Seminar Burnout Prevention and Recovery


In this seminar we will get conscious about the action/movement patterns that can lead to Burnout and find a way how to change and integrate them instead of using other forms of interaction and movements to iniciate a recovery process.
Three important issues:
Movement in Movement Analytic Therapy can also be seen as calmness.
Relating to each other doesn´t mean that we have to act the same as others do.

To be happy with yourself should not depend only on what you do, but also on what you are.
There are many other issues, which are important to understand and to integrate in order to help to avoid a Burnout or to recover from it.
We will also investigate through Movement Analytic Practice which are the social and cultural influences and habits that increase this specific kind of depression.


A Burnout Crisis can be seen as Chance for a profound Change in life.



25/26 of June 2011

Saturday from 9h30 to 12h30  and from 14h to 18h

Sunday from 9h30 to 12h30 and from 14h to 17h30



Hotel Real Parque

Av. Luis Bívar,67

1069-146 Lisboa


Investment: 180 Euros


Inscription till  21th of June!

By making  the transference of 180 Euros to the account number : Dania Neumann: Caixa Geral de Depósitos N.I.B. 00352 144 000 2026653083


Number of participants limited to 12 people!


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