Advanced Training Seminars


The training seminars are for professional who are interested in experiencing

the relationship between movement, body and psyches and who want to use this experience as a secondary ressource in their fields of profession.

Psychologists, psychotherapists, phisioterapists, physicians, attendants for handicaped people and seniors, therapeutic pedagoges, midwives, movement and dance therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, teachers, socialworkers, kindergarden teachers and others, can be familiarized in a short time with a non-verbal access to their clients, by understanding the different forms of interactions and movements and their psychic connection through their own experiences and learn to name the emerging motoric alternatives in an uncovering conversation.


The Magic of Movement

Moving in Process - Movement and Coaching 

For the radical change of Perception and New Perspectives

Competence Taining 2018

"Magic reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary. Learning to do the adequate action in the appropriate moment is the magical outcome of ordinary movement".


Seminar 1 24/25 of February 

Seminar 2   7/8 of April

Seminar 3  16/17 of June

Seminar 4 1/2 of September

Seminar 5 27/28 of October

Seminar 6 1/2 of December


Location: Casa de Oração Santa Rafaela Maria, Rua de Santa Rafaela Maria, 2950 -2950 Palmela


Register untill 18th of February 2018 - please download the Folder!