Therapeutic Wandering


The path is not the goal, but we walk our path determinedly. We learn to direct our forth, to find our way, to enjoy the moment. Impassable places turn into paths and obstacles turn into events. Vivacity and joy will be our companions, at night as well as by day.


We will try to find out

why, with whom and how we are on our way.
Life itsself is a walking-tour. This walk should lead us to the most important place on earth: to ourselves.


When we learn to be in touch with ourselves, we can also perceive our environment and our fellow human beings as they really are. We will experience this walk and daily life as a journey, where everything is always new, nothing repeatable, not one blade of grass is similar to the other.

Our walking-tour is an introduction to the essence of our own nature and of the nature that is surrounding us.


Because not everthing what we think is as it is.



First Meeting 4th of May

Praia do Abano ( next beach after Guincho) 

From 9.30 to 12h


Inscription till the 1st of May contact form 

Explication : Why you want to go for this walk?


Theme: Stop and GO

Silence and Nonverbal Comunication