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Education (topics)

2000 - 2017

September 2016 research conference in Wislikofen, Institute for Movement Analysis

September 2015 "Perspectives on Social Behaviour" Symposium Lisbon, Champaulimaud Neuroscience

October 2014 and September 2015 research conferences Wislikofen

June 2014 "Movement Analysis today"Bewegungsanalyse heute, Zürich

October 2012 research conference in  Wislikofen:

"Movement analysis in the professional environment"

October 2011 research conference of the Institute for Movement Analysis,

Wislikofen (Switzerland)

"Methodological perspectives of movement analysis "

April 2011 Quantum Entrainment:  basic and master course Frank Kinslow

October Research Symposium 2010 of the Institute for Movement Analysis, Wislikofen

(Switzerland) "clinical perspectives of movement analysis"

June 2010 "movement analysis today", Zurich, seminar for re-certification RDBA

(Registered Certified Movement Analyst)

July 2009  Mental training with Andreas Ackermann

June 2008 completion of the education as a guest listener for teaching movement analyses

June 2006 participation in the research symposium movement analysis, Vienna

September 2002 Registration as a movement analyst RBA, the beginning of the

eligibility as a trainer and teaching therapist at the Institute for Movement Analysis

June 2000 Teacher training for trainers in the EU, Portugal


1994 - 2000 Movement Analytical Supervision Seminars Switzerland,

Research symposia Movement Analysis, Switzerland:

"Implication of the private in Treatment "

"Implication of intimacy"

Participation in conferences:

World Congress for Psychotherapy, Vienna

Congress for psychopathology, Porto

1991 - 1995 Training for Dancetherapy/ Movement Analysis

Professional Training 1992 -1995 Movement Analysis, method Cary Rick

Beginning in the Association for Dance Therapy in Viena,

terminated at the Institute for Movement Analysis, IBA, Switzerland

1991 - 1992 Training for Movement Analytic (Dance) Padagogy, method Cary

Rick, Association for Dance Therapy Vienna


Additional training

Participation in therapeutic self-awareness seminars:

Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, Neo- Reiki

Individual therapeutic processes: Psychoanalysis C.G.Jung,

Training workshops in movement and dance

Movement in the theater (after J. Grotowski)

Butoh (with Carlotta Ikeda and Ko Murobushi)

Capoeira, Afro-dance, trance dance (Kaye Hoffman)

Voice education with Marie Terese Escribano,

Feldenkrais, authentic movement,

practical and theoretical examination of anthropology and

natural healing methods ( Hawai, Peru) ect.


1988 - 1989 Scholarship at the "Universidade de Letras" Lisbon

1979 - 1984   Romance studies, Karl-Franzens University Graz

1970 - 1978  Neuro-linguistic secondary school, Villach

1976 - 1970 Elementary School Villach


Work experience as a Dance Therapist / Movement Analyst (more detailled)


From April 2011 private practice Portugal ( Lisbon) and Austria ( Klagenfurt)

2010          Psychosomatic Clinic Bad Aussee

                  Private practice Klagenfurt Center Oasis


1994 - 2010  Private Practice: Cascais and Lisbon

Individual and couples therapy, group therapy, adults, adolescents and

children (hyperactivity, general learning difficulties, autism,

legastenie and so on)

Focussing on psychosomatic disorders, addictions (Anorexia, bulimia)

depressive diseases (burnout, Bipoarität), histrionic disorders.

Borderline personality disorder, schizophrenic disorders

Cooperation with Dr.Sampaio Ferreira former director of the

Psychiatric Day Hospital Julio de Matos (till 1996), Lisbon


January - May 1995 Working with drug addicts at the clinic for drug addiction,



From 2000 organization of the Professional Training for Movement Analysis in

               Portugal -  of the Institute for Movement Analysis IMA


October 2008 start of 3rd Level : supervision

guest listener and teaching therapist activity


June 2007 Start of 2nd Level in Lisbon and teaching therapist activity


Beginning of March 2006 First Level: Training of Movement Analysis in

Portugal with Cary Rick

Guest listener and teaching therapist activity

April 2005 - September 2005 IV Basic Course Lecturer

April 2004-September 2004 III Basic Course Lecturer

October 2003 - April 2004 II Basic Course Lecturer

October 2000 - September 2001 I Basic Course: movement analytic intervention  intervention for Special Groups

guest listener, lecturer Cary Rick


Introductory Training and Self-Awareness Seminars self- orgeanized and in Institutions


Dezember 2013 Motivation Training  „Austria Advantage“ in Lisbon

Juni 2013 Seminar Brünn: „Move yourself free“

Juni 2103 Seminar Prag: „Move yourself free“ Center Druna

Juni 2012 Lecture :  "Movement - Relationship - Action", Sigmund Freud Universität Wien

June 2009 Self-awareness seminar in training at the Institute for Life Coaches

Applied Pedagogy (IFAP) Graz

2000 - 2006  8 four-months advanced training courses of introduction to movement analysis at the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology (Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada-Departamento de Formação Permanente ISPA dfp) Lisbon, practical introduction of movement analysis for psychologists, psychotherapists, therapists, educators, social workers, doctors, nurses, dancers etc

March 2006 - June 2006

November 2004 - March 2005

November 2003 - March 2004

October 2002 - January 2003

September 2001 - February 2003

January 2001 - April 2001

March 2000 - June 2000 in Viana do Castelo

February 2000 - May 2000 Lisbon


April 2005 Lecturer : Diagnostical techniques in psychosomatic therapy, Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA dfp)


March 2005 introduction to the method for psychology students at the Higher

Institute for Science and Health, North (ISCS-Norte)


March-April 2003 Association for Environment, Education and Sports

"Riscos e Abiscos" ACADE in Santarem, Evora, Sintra

Introduction to movement analysis for occupational therapists, Hospital de

Estefania, Lisbon


November 2002 and 2001 movement analytical introduction for professionals working with children and adolescents in ESCA (Espaço para a

Saúde da Criança e do Adolescente)

June 2001 body and sense introcuction in  CEM (Company: Center for

Movement), Lisbon

November 1999  in the assiociation for art therapy, Ispa

December 1999 introduction for students to the University of Psychology and Sciences for Education Coimbra

May - June 2000 Project Micronesia

November 1998 Introduction for students at the University for Pychologie

and Sciences of Education, Coimbra

October 1997 Introduction at the association "Asas e Raizes" Porto

November 1997 Introduction of movement analysis in the association for short-term therapies

March 1996 workshop for trainees at the association for art therapy

October 1996 Introduction at the College of Nurses, Coimbra

May-July 1995 Introduction to movement analysis: "self-awareness

by movement" for nurses, doctors and therapists in the

psychiatric Hospital Júlio de Matos, Lisbon


Lectures and Workshops at Conferences and Congresses:


June 2012 SFU Sigmund Freud University Vienna: movement - relationship-

action. Movement Analysis, method Cary Rick, lecture

August 2011 World Congress for Psychotherapy "World Dreaming"

Sydney (Australia): "Conflicts of Embodiment in Movement Analytic

Therapy ', paper, poster

April 2011 Lecture "Universidade para a Terceira Idade", Lisbon

"Movement Analysis - Psyche and Soma, lecture

April 2009 lecture at the Centro Hospitalar Medio Tejo (in the Center of Hospitals Medio Tejo) "Embodiment and Movement Analysis"


October 2006 VI Jornadas da Saúde e Toxicodependencias (VI conference for

Health and Drug Addiction), Leiria, lecture

September 2006 Congress IEF (Institute for Systemic and Family Therapy) and

ÖAS (Austrian Association for Systemic therapy and

Systemic Studies) "blind spot", Workshop: Conflicts of Embodiment

June 2005 Encontro Iberico de Movimento Dança Terapia, Barcelona ( meeting of

Movement / Dance Therapy in the Iberian Peninsula), Workshop

V Jornadas da Saúde e Toxicodependencias, (V meeting for

Health and Drug Addiction), Leiria, lecture

March 2005 Conference of Higher Education in Cooperation with the Association for

Professors, workshop

December 2001 IX National Meeting for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Santarem, Lecture


Seminars and Seminar- Cycles

Introductory and Self-Awareness Seminars (two days)

February 2007

November 2006 Lisbon

March 2005 Lisbon

December 2004 Lisbon

October 2004 Porto

November 2004 Algarve

March 2004 Villach

February 2000 Lisbon

March 1999 Sintra relationship in movement, dance therapy, method Cary Rick

July 1995 Colares self-awareness, dance therapy, method Cary Rick

Lisbon in December 1994, self-awareness, dance therapy method Cary Rick

December 1993 Workshop in Lisbon, self-awareness


Seminar Cycles: Introduction to the Method 

January, February, April 2003

March, April, 2002 May

December, January, February 2001


Movement Analysis in Theater

September 1994 movement analysis with the actor Jose Meirelles, in the play "Interioridade sem Medo" (intimacy without fear), Lisbon


Dancetherapy/ Movement Analysis with Specific Groups of People

Working as Movement Analytic (Dance)- Padagogue


May 1994 working with young people suffering from eating disorders, Bad Gastein

October 1992 - May 1993 clinical experience with mentally handicapped in a

residential project of Caritas, Vienna

1993 January - May  movement analytic padagogy : 

cycle of five seminars in Villach, private group

January - April 1992 private group Vienna